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The Path Forward, LLC

Walking with adults and couples on their chosen paths through life offering solution-focused support and guidance when uncertainty or challenges arise. 

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"Anne is unlike anyone I have seen for therapy in the past (and I have seen quite a few). My husband and I have had several sessions with her, and she's the first person we have talked to whom we both really liked. Talking with Anne is like talking to a friend, but a friend who knows how to get results, and who can listen and advise with no bias and no judgment. Anne is compassionate, patient, and insightful, and a creative and effective facilitator. Her giftedness as a therapist really shines when the rubber hits the road. Anne gets to know you and adjusts her approach to meet you where you are, with understanding of your own priorities, lifestyles, beliefs, and personalities. I truly believe that she cares about us as people. If you are ready for something different, you really should give Anne a try. I always look forward to our sessions, and after even the toughest ones, I leave feeling more empowered and more hopeful for the future."

Carly B.  3/30/20 Verified