Anne is wonderful. She has helped me get through some very difficult times; divorce, being a single mom and dealing with a son with a heroin addiction. With her support and encouragement I have been able to continue moving forward. My husband and I are back together and my son has been sober for two years now.

                                  -Racquel H.

Anne has been very patient with me. I am normally reserved but she has made me feel very comfortable with discussing my issues, which is usually hard for me. Anne has listened to me and responds in a way that is helpful to my well being. I have recommended The Path Forward with friends because of her.

                                    -Stephen D.

My name is Dawn, and I am an independently licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Anne has had excellent training, and is competent in her understanding and use of multiple therapeutic modalities. She has a balanced approach to her work, well utilizing both empathy and counsel. She has a fun and engaging personality with a wit that promotes easy delivery of information even in challenging circumstances. She is competent with a wide range of clients from adolescence to late adulthood and collaborates with her clients to assist with a broad spectrum of life's needs and challenges.

I have also known Anne as a personal friend and have seen how she has endured through many difficult life circumstances with strength and perseverance. I have seen the quality and strong ethic of her work. I have also seen her compassionate and engaging personality promote her to high levels of recognition in other work environments and fields of interest.

All of this said, I would give Anne a strong recommendation. Her knowledge and skills will serve you well!

Counselor, Marriage & Family Therapist
Dawn G., MS, IMFT

Sep 20, 2017

Great program and even better therapist. Very happy so far.

                                    -Ryan W.