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For Individuals


 Therapeutic interventions for past or present trauma and coping with those bumps in the road. $150/per 50 minutes, or

25 minute micro sessions for $75

For Couples

Therapeutic interventions for couples who want to stay together, work through challenges, improve communication, rekindle passion or all of the above!

$200/per 50 minutes, per couple

Other Services

Life Coaching

Post pandemic, we live in a very different world. It can get very difficult to navigate day to day life. Being anxious or adjusting to a new way of doing things can be hard. Starting new habits and being accountable can be intimidating. Adulting. I can help you find solutions you need. $200/50 Minutes

Singles Support

Being single can suck. This option offers you therapeutic support for those who are seeking that special someone, dating after divorce, or just getting back out there. We focus on vocabulary, interpreting words and actions, and hoping for the best but preparing for the worst. 


Dating App Content Review & Editing

There have been quite a few requests for this service! Have you seen the dating app bios? Do you have one that needs work so you can up your interactions? I work with you to improve what you are putting out there!

$50/15 minutes of consultation, writing & editing.

Relationship Coaching

Entering a relationship but feel like you are not quite sure how to relate to a new person you really like? Let me help you put your best and most authentic foot forward. Cheerleading included for free.

$200 per 45 minute session

*add-on texting additional fee

Text Support

*Add-on texting is reciprocal dialog over text. We realize that your life takes place outside of the office and there may be times additional questions or exchanges are needed. All times are general, and the coach will discuss availability and expectations. The fee is $50/week for 1-5 text interactions.

Report/Letter Writing

Letter or report writing

$50/15 minutes of writing (prorated)

Court Fees

If summoned to court to testify, be deposed, or are in litigation with you or as a witness.

$250 per hour

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