For Individuals

As we forge ahead through this pandemic together, mental health needs are in high demand. Right now, we are offering a flat fee of $100/per hour, or

30 minute micro sessions for $50 each

For Couples

Being together in a bubble during a pandemic can be trying at times. Navigating new ways of positive communication can be hard. We offer a flat fee of $125/per hour, for two people.

Other Services

Text Support

Sometimes you need help outside the office or virtual session. As the need arises, we offer text support for and extra $50/week for individuals and $100/week for couples. This does NOT replace therapeutic sessions but rather augments it.

Singles Support

Being single can suck. This option offers you therapeutic support for those who are seeking that special someone, dating after divorce, or help setting relationship boundaries. We focus on vocabulary, interpreting words and actions, and hoping for the best but preparing for the worst. This service includes text support $150/week.