Anne is unlike anyone I have seen for therapy in the past (and I have seen quite a few). My husband and I have had several sessions with her, and she's the first person we have talked to whom we both really liked. Talking with Anne is like talking to a friend, but a friend who knows how to get results, and who can listen and advise with no bias and no judgment. Anne has a quirky, spunky personality and we never have a session that doesn't include a few laughs. That said, when it comes to taking on the serious issues, she is compassionate, patient, and insightful, and a creative and effective facilitator. Her giftedness as a therapist really shines when the rubber hits the road. Some therapists try to apply a formulaic, one-size-fits-all solution, whereas Anne gets to know you and adjusts her approach to meet you where you are, with understanding of your own priorities, lifestyles, beliefs, and personalities. I truly believe that she cares about us as people. If you are looking for the old-school traditional therapy session, Anne might not be right for you, but if you are ready for something different, you really should give Anne a try. I always look forward to our sessions, and after even the toughest ones, I leave feeling more empowered and more hopeful for the future. 

-Carly B. 11/1/19

Life Coaching

She’s a meat and potatoes thinking. Gives down to earth reasonable advice to get my new book writing venture going. Personable.

-Lisa S. 10/01/19

Life Coaching

Anne is really great. I’ve enjoyed my time with her and I’m excited about my future due to her guidance. Don’t hesitate and do yourself a favor. Book an appointment with her. She’s great and you’ll be happy you did.

-Steve C. 10/17/19

Where do I start? Anne is a breath of fresh air! I have been in therapy with others (for YEARS), and have yet to meet someone like Anne. She is incredibly responsive, down-to-earth, and actually gives me hope that "everything will work out". (I didn't experience any anxiety when meeting her, as I usually do with my current therapist). She explained her methods thoroughly and she just seems like a fit for "us"! I left feeling encouraged and calm. I looking forward to this journey. 

-Lesa S. 9/18/18

Anne has been very patient with me. I am normally reserved but she has made me feel very comfortable with discussing my issues, which is usually hard for me. Anne has listened to me and responds in a way that is helpful to my well being. I have recommended The Path Forward with friends because of her.

                                    -Stephen D.

                            November 12, 2016

Anne is wonderful. She has helped me get through some very difficult times; divorce, being a single mom and dealing with a son with a heroin addiction. With her support and encouragement I have been able to continue moving forward. My husband and I are back together and my son has been sober for two years now.

                                  -Racquel H.

                                   March 2017